A Fantastic Experience AP Government Field Trip:


Montana Poe, Sports Editor

Mrs. Watters’s AP Government class went on a field trip on April 17 to better understand how things run at the Arizona State Capitol building in Phoenix. Mrs. Krieg, the librarian of Sahuaro, accompanied Mrs. Watters and the class on this field trip as they toured the museum which is where the Senate and the Governor meet to discuss business. Mrs. Watters and her class got to see a display of the Buffalo Soldiers which were African American soldiers who mainly served on the Western Frontier after the American Civil War. During the time that they were there, they looked at all the artifacts in the museums and had a great time.

The best part about the trip was that no one had seen the Arizona State Capitol building before so it was really fun seeing it for the first time. I asked Felicity Way what she liked about the trip she said, “I enjoyed viewing the military memorials of Pearl Harbor, the USS Arizona, and the Korean War.” They saw the USS Arizona that sank during Pearl Harbor in the museum. Mrs. Watters said, “It was very shocking to see the USS Arizona, it was definitely a memorable experience.” Her class didn’t have any assignments or notes that they had to do for the trip they just got to enjoy a place.

There was a memorial park in front of the capitol building called the Wesley Bolin Memorial Park that her class got to visit and tour as well. The Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza is an urban park and gathering place in front of the Arizona state capitol complex in downtown Phoenix, Arizona.  Jaydah Griffith from Mrs. Watters’s class said, “On the field trip I learned that the house chamber in the museum was much smaller in 1910 than the present day.” The original goal of the trip was to see a legislative session like a political process in action but that wasn’t possible because they are not open to the public.  They wished they could have seen the legislators in session but they got great exposure to what life was in the history books.