Déjà Vu For The Packers


James Force, Sports Editor

After 18 long years, 10 pro bowls, 4 MVPs, 4 all-pros, a Superbowl, and a Superbowl MVP, the Green Bay Packers are moving on from Aaron Rodgers. Like his mentor before him, Brett Farve, he’s going to the New York Jets.

Aaron Rodgers has been creating turmoil for a couple of years now. He kept saying after the past 3 seasons he was contemplating retirement. He was doing it to get everyone to show they loved him and, “couldn’t live without him.” Back in 2020, the Packers drafted a QB by the name of Jordan Love. This lit a fire under Rodgers that caused him to win 2 more MVPs, while also causing him to get an ego boost of gigantic proportions. This ego boost however did not help the Packers win another Superbowl as they would squander multiple home-field advantage opportunities and lost in the conference championships 2 years in a row. The Packers were finally tired of being held hostage by Rodgers and traded him.

The Packers traded Rodgers for a 1st round pick, 2 second-round picks, and a sixth-round pick. The team is now in Jordan Love’s hands. While he hasn’t played much, in a game against the Eagles last year he performed extremely well, giving Packer fans hope he can be half the player Aaron Rodgers was. The Packers need to get Love weapons. If the receiving core of the Packers last year was not good enough for Aaron Rodgers to get to the playoffs, how is Jordan Love going to succeed with it? They need to either draft a pass catcher or they need to trade/sign a pass catcher. They also need to improve on defense. Aaron Rodgers was a magician at not turning the ball over. Jordan Love in his first year starting can not be expected to be the same.

The Packers have some work to do, but they have good picks to draft receivers and defensive players. If they play their cards right and Love performs well, the Packers have a chance at something special.