Senior Spotlight: Aaron Boehme


Natalya Larez

Introducing Aaron Boehme, one of Sahuaro’s top athletes! Throughout the last 4 years, he has played soccer, football, and ran track for Sahuaro. Although his family went through a devastating loss this past year, that never stopped Aaron from being kind and caring to everyone he meets. His peers have described him as funny, fun, playful, and an amazing person. Some of his hobbies include driving and fixing up his truck (a 2003 Ford F-150) and playing sports. After high school, he is attending the U of A on a scholarship, then plans to enlist as an officer in the Air Force.

In football, he played kicker, punter, and corner/defense positions. “My favorite part of football was being able to hit people and the kicking part of it. I just loved being out there and making points as a kicker; it’s pretty cool.” During his senior year playing football, he even wore the number 3 jersey to honor his brother, Adam Boehme, who passed away the summer before his senior year, so that, “I could play harder wearing his number, and it made me feel good every game seeing me wear number three knowing he’s with me on the field.”

In soccer, he played as a goalie as well as being the team captain. “During soccer, I loved saving goals and one time this year I even took a penalty kick against Empire High School and made it.”

Aaron said what he loved most in high school, “…was playing football and soccer. I liked being with my teammates, whether or not we won or lost. And I loved getting first team all-region for punting this year in football.” With sports in mind, he even noted that his most embarrassing moment would be when he got a concussion from his teammate in soccer. What a time it must have been!

For any incoming freshman reading this, here’s his piece of advice (coming from an honor roll student): “Get involved in some kind of sport or activity because it really is a good thing to have and it will keep you on top of your grades. On top of that, it gives you a reason to stay active and stay out of trouble.”

What does he do to keep up with school? Aaron said, “I do my homework right, turn in all of my assignments, and ask for help when I need it.” That’s some pretty good advice for all students.

The only thing he would have wanted to change was his performance during his freshman year Spanish class, but other than that, he absolutely loves school, and will definitely be missing all of his friends and the fun times he has had.