The Beginning of the End


Angel Cruz, Photo Editor

The heavy backpack weighing down once more. The morning Tucson sun on my face. I stand with friends I haven’t seen in awhile, catching up and laughing. This time there’s a different feeling in the air. The feeling of excitement rushes into my gut as the first step in to the school signals the beginning of the end. Senior year.

Every school year since sixth grade my parents have told me, “Enjoy these years while they last, they go by fast!” Yeah okay mom, whatever, I can’t wait to get out of this plac…..oh it’s senior year already! I’m sure most of the people in my grade feel this way. The feeling of excitement, anxiety, terrified, happy, sad, nervous, and 100 more emotions that reside in our minds and hearts.

Truth is, Senior year is the greatest year of high school (at least so far) and I couldn’t be more happy it’s finally here. Our entire life has been been building up to this year, this moment, this feeling, but what’s next? What’s the next chapter in life have in store for us? I wish I could answer those questions myself but sadly, I can’t…and that’s what truly excites me.

The feelings I have this year cannot be put into words. Throughout the year I hope to write more about the feelings of senior year. It’s a big deal to have gotten this far and I hope everyone that I’ve spent these years with that’s still here will be standing in a cap and gown on that football field, embracing the beginning of a new chapter with me.