Make Band Great Again


Daniella Mahler, Reporter

Hilary Engel, Sahuaro’s Band Director, strives for success while directing the 2016-2017 Sahuaro Marching Band. Ms. Engel’s goals are to unite the ensemble as a family and compete at the State level by November 5th. As the season ramps up, her excitement continues to grow while she sees the creative process take place over the course of several months. She’s been enjoying the implementation of the students’ amazing ideas into the show.

Despite the initial hurdle of a 7:00 AM daily starting time, in fact, she’s found it to be a huge blessing because it’s one of the most energizing activities anyone could do that early in the morning. It sets the tone for everyone for the remainder of the day. While there was some adversity playing in front of our rival Sabino’s crowd during last Thursday’s football game, Ms. Engel kept the band’s composure.
“It doesn’t matter what they say, or do… All that matters is you know your potential and strive towards greatness,” she tells the Marching Band before they perform.
Ms. Engel is the heart of the Sahuaro Marching Band, and her strength and encouragement continues to inspire.