Latinos Unidos


Alorah Losano, Reporter

Latinos Unidos is a club at Sahuaro that makes a difference every step they take. The group tries to embrace Latin culture and make our school a better place. They usually do service projects as often as they can, like going downtown to help make Ben’s Bells to foster kindness. Last year they made flowers as a tribute to Trevor Garcia, a student who committed suicide in 2013. They also sent Valentine gifts to everyone.

Even though Latinos Unidos is a club based on Latin heritage, they are accepting of everyone. “It’s open to everyone and we except all,” said senior Francisco Acuña, the president of the club, encouraging people to join. This year, Latinos Unidos wants to make more changes not only to our school, but to the community as well. They want to bring back a garden to Sahuaro. They want to help tutor Spanish this year for students who are struggling and need help. Ms. Martinez is the sponsor.