Goodbye TUSD Stats, Hello Synergy


Samantha Crowson, Reporter

R.I.P. TUSD Stats, the system widely disparaged by TUSD teachers for being slow, out-dated, and not so user-friendly.  Thankfully, this year’s different. This year has officially marked the first year of the new system, Synergy. In many ways, Synergy beats TUSD stats, providing everything the old one did and more. Plus, it has an app for parents and students. The following information is on how to log in as a student or a parent.


1- In your app store look up StudentVUE.

2- After downloading  this free app, you must put in the TUSD district zip code:85719.  A drop-down menu will appear with a list of districts.  TUSD should be the first on the list (click on that).

3- To Sign in, you will use your school computer login (includes changed password if you had to change it). If you haven’t logged on yet, your Username and Password is your matric number.

After that you should be logged on. You can look at messages from your teachers, the school calendar, class schedules, attendance, grade book, daily assignments, class notes, your info and the school’s info. With this app you can also be informed if you missed an assignment or if your teacher has a comment on the subject.


1- In order to use the parent app you must first go to the school office and get an activation key. Parents must show I.D. for this.

2- After receiving your activation key, you need to go to There you will click on the box on the right. That box will have you create your ParentVUE account.

3- Now you can proceed with going to your app store and downloading ParentVUE.

4- From there, you must type in the same zip code (85719) and then proceed with signing in.

As a Parent you should be able to see most of the same things a student would see on StudentVUE. Calendar, attendance, grade book, daily assignments, class notes, student info, class schedule, school information, and report cards are things that you as a parent can see.  Just like students, parents can see all of the graded assignments, possibly future assignments, and any feedback the teachers give.

Keep those grades up, and make sure to check up on all your classes often! Enjoy the new system Cougars!