The Art of Emily Jonatan

Artist spotlight


Frankie Acuña, Reporter

Senior Emily Jonatan creates works that reflect dreamy, yet clear images through animation. Her brush strokes are smooth with the clean lines of her animated figures. Emily designed the portraits above by blocking out the basic shapes of light and color and she then later went in for the details. “I wanted to paint my friends because, they matter to me,” says the artist. For all the pieces above she was not allowed to sketch underneath the paint. Her art leaves an impression, her portraits had me instantly enchanted. You can even find some of her work on this year’s flier for Art Club. But Emily’s interest in art began because of a rivalry with a friend, who is also an artist at Sahuaro.

Many of Emily’s pieces focus on women, but for no profound reason.  “It’s not like a feminist issue. I’m not like ‘only draw women…’  I started off drawing women because they’re easier for me.”  Though her art is beautiful and she’s been working on it for seven years, she still faces insecurities. “I still feel like I have a way to go.” As impressive as Emily is, she still remains humble. Her muse is knowing that she needs to do better. Emily is in the new AP Art Class taught by Mr. Long. The class is preparing her mostly for her goals as an artist, as their first assignment over the summer the class had to create ten art pieces.

Emily wants to study animation in college. “I really like the idea of imagining 3-D form in a 2-D realm,” she says. Art has consumed her life completely. She is constantly looking around her and taking photos of things she would like to include in her art. If you’re interested in seeing more of her work, be sure to stop by Mr. Long’s room after school on Thursdays.