The Squad Has Arrived

Samantha Crowson, Reporter

“The world changed when Superman flew across the sky. And it changed again when he didn’t,” said actress Viola Davis as Amanda Waller in the highly anticipated movie Suicide Squad. Since July 13 2015, when the first trailer was released, DC fans all across the world waited desperately for the debut.  Thankfully, now the the wait is over!!

On August 5, 2016 the movie was released with $133.6M dollars earned by the end of the week. It seemed as though the movie was at a good start until Rotten Tomatoes released their review of only 26%, causing people to worry. Now that the movie is 3 weeks in, the reviews have gotten much  better.

As a person who knows almost everything there is to know about the Suicide Squad, I was very pleased with the outcome of the film and the actors/actresses that where chosen for particular roles. Margot Robbie was especially good at the role as Harley Quinn.

All in all the movie was pretty good!