The Kruszewskis Live Together and Coach Together


Baileigh Fidler, Reporter

This is Coach Kruszewski’s 4th year coaching Sahuaro High School’s swim team. The team this year is the biggest team Sahuaro has had in many seasons, with a whopping 59 swimmers on the team. With so many swimmers, all at different expertise levels, Coach K could not do it alone. Enter Head Coach Mrs. Kruszewski. Dave Kruszewski helps his wife coach and maintain the swim team. He lovingly stated, ”My dream job would be continuing coaching with my wife.” The two have made not only a great companionship and parented four boys, but they make a great team.

This isn’t the only sport that Kruszewski has coached. Kruszewski is also the soccer coach here at Sahuaro for the past 19 years. At only age 19, Kruszewski got his first job as a coach. At age 27, he became the soccer coach for Sahuaro.

The Kruszewski duo had 3 swimmers qualify for the Arizona State Championship last year in swimming, a feat that has not been accomplished in many years, but that’s not all.  A proud achievement for Coach K & K was winning Regionals five years in a row, although this time it was with Santa Rita. Kruzewski explained that if it wasn’t for his wife he wouldn’t be a swim coach, he’s more of a soccer guy.  Mrs. Kruzewski is the swimmer of the two.

Coach K does not only coach two sports,  he also teaches P.E.  here at Sahuaro. He is currently working his dream job; as he explained, he had always wanted to be a coach growing up. Kruszewski has big goals, stating, ”I like my students to achieve more than they think they’re capable of.” He explains how he likes encouraging them to do well, knowing they can push their limits and achieve more than they think. Together with his wife, the Kruszewskis form a formidable coaching duo.