Coach Chandler Changing Baseball Fields

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Coach Chandler Changing Baseball Fields

Max Becker, Sports Editor

Sahuaro and Sabino is undoubtedly one of the fiercest rivalries in Tucson. Every sporting event between the two schools turns into a dramatic affair, with both sides showing undying school spirit and pride.  As a result, the games tend to draw a bigger crowd than the schools themselves, as curious fans fill the bleachers to see how these two titans face off. Although the two schools will not face off on the baseball field this year, an interesting plot twist has developed in the storied history of our rivalry.

Mark Chandler, history teacher at Sahuaro High School, and the baseball coach for 13 years, has opted to coach the Sabino baseball team this season while still teaching at Sahuaro. The Cougars enjoyed success under the coaching of Chandler, and his 2007 team lost a heart-breaker in extra innings while playing for the State title. When asked how the change came about, he said in his 13 seasons he felt he had attained every goal he had for his Sahuaro team, save for the elusive State Championship. He claims he feels it is time to move on, wishing to help a struggling Sabino team. His goals for the upcoming season are to lead the Sabercats to a positive win percentage, and ultimately the playoffs.

When asked if he regretted the decision, he replied that on the contrary he was quite excited. However, he still has a very strong emotional connection with Sahuaro. “I’m gonna miss my time here,” he said, “but more importantly I’m going to miss my players I’m leaving behind.”

Brandon Seiler, a Senior and player under Coach Chandler, said “Chandler was hands down the best coach I have ever had. He has done nothing but good things for me and the program for the last 13 years. I wish him the best of luck at Sabino!”

Sahuaro High school would like to wish Mark Chandler good luck in his upcoming season, as well as thank him for his dedication during his 13 years coaching our beloved Cougars.chand 2