Students Shine at Senior Sunrise

Max Becker, Sports Editor

Music. Donuts. Water balloons. It takes a special event to get a group of 17 year olds out of bed at 5:30 on a Saturday morning, and that event was the Class of 2017 Senior Sunrise.

The Sunrise, organized by our Student Council, took place on the football field at 5:30 Saturday, August 13th. 150 Seniors brought their own blankets and chairs, taking in the beautiful Tucson sunrise while enjoying several activities, including a kickball game, soccer, and Frisbee. Later on, those wanting to participate were split into two teams, and a hectic water balloon fight ensued. The Sunrise concluded at 6:15 due to an upcoming football practice.

Camila Ibarra, student-body President said, “It was really cool to see people there that wouldn’t normally come to a school event like this. It was nice to watch everybody come together and have fun.”

Giselle Enriquez, student-body Vice President and one of the organizers of the Sunrise, said, “It was awesome to see such a large majority of the class united by school spirit and fun. One of our goals was to invite all the seniors, regardless of what clique or social aspect they belong to, to come to the Sunrise and enjoy our last few months together.”

The Sunrise was a true bonding moment for our seniors, and we would like to thank Student Council for organizing such a fantastic event.