Important Info for Seniors

Updates, Upcoming Events, and Scholarships from the College/Career Counselor

Important Info for Seniors

Lisa Weber-Lowrie, College and Career Counselor

Welcome back everyone!

If you have not stopped in to meet with me, I am the College and Career Coordinator, Mrs. Weber-Lowrie. Please feel free to call me Mrs. Weber if you would like, as that is not such a mouthful. If you need assistance with career choices, college applications, financial aid, learning more about college, resumes, or other questions, I have two locations here at Sahuaro; an office in the Counseling area and in the Career Center, room 308. I am in the front office during the earlier morning hours and then in the Career Center. I am always available during both lunch hours in the Career Center, and after school –  no appointment necessary. At other times, please make an appointment with me.

I have a scholarship table in the Career Center that I update on a regular basis as scholarship applications come in. Seniors should be coming in to the Career Center during lunch on a regular basis to peruse scholarship applications. College recruiter visits also take place in the Career Center. Please listen for announcements and watch the bulletin board outside the Counseling area for upcoming recruiter visits.  The sign-in sheet for recruiter visits is on the counter in the Counseling area.

For seniors: please note that Financial Aid has been updated and you will now be able to fill out your FAFSA application starting October 1, 2016.  This is a change from past years where the application period did not open until January 1st of each year. Please visit the Career Center for helpful worksheets and information for filling out the FAFSA. I will also be hosting a Financial Aid Night in October – watch for information to be posted at a later date.

If you are headed to one of the three state universities, the early application deadlines are as follows:

UA = Wildcat Promise dates: Wildcat Promise 1 = October 18, 2016 to hear back on a decision by November 8, 2016.  Wildcat Promise 2 = November 8, 2016 to hear back on a decision by December 6, 2016

ASU = November 1, 2016 for Freshman VIP applications. Students who apply by this date will receive special benefits and giveaways.

NAU = No early application deadline.

Current scholarships available in the Career Center:

LOCAL – Arizona Milk Producers – there are three scholarships available for Arizona students; $8,000, $10,000 or $12,000.

Requirements: must be 17 years or older, and be enrolled in a post-secondary school (university, college or community college) in the state of Arizona for the 2017-2018 fall term. The contest begins August 15, 2016.  There are also smaller weekly prizes available.

*Other national scholarship information and websites available in the Career Center

Upcoming Events:
  • Grand Canyon University representative on campus, Wednesday, September 7th. Sign up in the Counseling office.
  • Tri State Fair for all seniors. This event will take place on Monday, September 19th during 5th and 6th period. All seniors will report to their 5th period teachers for attendance and then head to the small gym.
  • Focus on the Future event. This event will take place at Tucson High School on Saturday, September 10th from 8:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. College representatives will be present to offer assistance with financial aid information, applications, college programs and more.  This event is sponsored by the Metropolitan Education Commission. There will be many booths set up and lunch will be provided. You must register online at:
  • Juniors and Seniors may sign up for a scholarship workshop presented by the Metropolitan Education Commission on September 13th during 1st period. Seating is limited to the first 45 students who sign up.
  • The SAT exam will be provided to all seniors this year at no cost. Seniors will take the SAT exam on the same day that Sophomores and Juniors take the PSAT exam; October 19th.
  • Sahuaro will be hosting a college fair again this year for our seniors, however, this year’s fair will be a different format, focusing on the three state schools: ASU, U of A and NAU, as well as Grand Canyon University. All seniors will be released at the beginning of 5th period  on Monday, September 19 after 5th period teachers have taken roll.  Seniors will head to the small Auxiliary gym where they will hear brief presentations from all the universities and then they will have time to peruse their tables to ask questions.  The fair will take place during both 5th and 6th period.