We’ve Been Thinking ‘Bout You: Frank Ocean’s Album

Not very many people in the recording industry actually write their own lyrics.  All it takes is a quick Google search to find out that the writers of most popular songs are not the people singing them. It’s this phenomenon that makes the title “singer song writer” a rarity in today’s society.

Frank Ocean not only writes his own lyrics, he can destroy a person’s emotional stability in 3 minutes flat. I believe that music is about emotion and feelings, and artists that can put their soul into their songs. I hate when artists just go down the same path of repetitive boring lyrics written by a team of people with a bottom line to follow. Frank writes his own lyrics, he composes his own music, and he’s changing the music game.

A few weeks ago he came out with his newest album Blonde which is a poetic master piece with beautiful imagery, amazing features (Beyoncé, André 3000) and several motifs that reoccur through out the entire album, such as references to his depression or other contemporary issues that many young people can relate to. I can’t stress enough how amazingly poetic this man is. He uses the phrase “one too many years like tattooed eyelids on a face lift” to mean some memories are there forever but they go away on the outside.

I can not recommend Blonde enough.  If you have a late night and feel like being sad for a while, take a listen.