Student Hangout at Mickey D’s Full of Gossip


Aryanna Robinson, Reporter

Back when I was little, my family used to take me to McDonalds to go and play in the funhouse and I always had something to look forward to while my Mom and Dad ordered my Happy Meal because I was really “Lovin” the toys they would give you in each box. Now, I go to McDonalds to talk about what went on at school that day, or who is wearing what, or who’s dating who. Ahhhh, the innocent times have been turned into a gossip ”frenzy” almost.

Sahuaro’s most popular after-school hangout is a fun and entertaining place to chat and grab a bite with your friends. It’s also full of all the school’s juicy gossip. Recently, Sahuaro’s kids have been told that if they do not buy food from there, they are unable to stay; however, teenagers always seem to find a way to look busy.

Many students go to McDonalds for not just the fries, but to talk about what’s the ”new” style or whose ”poppin”. Eavesdrop and you can hear:

       ”That girls wearing Crocs? at McDonalds???”

”Did she really not give me napkins???”

” She broke up with who?!?!?!?”

and even,

”Who ditched today?”

But if you ever miss out on a day of school, just run over to the Mickey D’s on Camino Seco and Broadway and I’m sure you’ll find out what you missed.