He Runs For His Life


Francisco Acuna, Reporter

A transfer from St. Augustine, Evan Scott Schubert has come to Sahuaro to finish his remaining two years of high school. Seemingly, he is out of his element, but has found his place: Cross Country.

Evan attended Catholic school his entire life, and always felt different because of his upbringing. “There is less of a family atmosphere here because of how big the student population is,” says Schubert. He misses being able to walk with friends to all of his classes, but enjoys the sovereignty given to the students over their studies here at Sahuaro. Evan’s first day at Sahuaro was gloomy and lonesome. Luckily, once he met his fellow team members for Cross Country he felt right at home.

Schubert recalls, “When I got to meet the team I felt like I had a sense of family”. Evan has been running competitively for approximately 4-5 years now, ever since middle school.  Schubert has always been athletic, playing basketball and baseball as a child. 

“I would start going for runs when things got tough with my family, and I used to think that I was running away from something, but I realized that I just ran because it helped me clear my mind,” said Schubert, analyzing his beginnings with the sport. Surely these runs must have helped with the pressures of his life.  It was on one of his runs to cleanse himself internally that coaches saw him and took note of his potential. 

The bipolarity of Evan’s mother has affected him since he was a young child.   Though his mother’s bi-polarity has caused him pain, it has brought him and his sister closer. Schubert shares, “We are definitely closer than most siblings, she’s my best friend. I love her so much.” Schubert has many dolorous memories from early childhood that at the the time he couldn’t comprehend, but with age he later understood. “I wasn’t very knowledgeable about it when I was younger… it was interesting re-experiencing everything now that I know what was happening,” recalls Schubert.

Evan’s strength is more than evident. Schubert wishes to help others through his career choice.  “I want to study to be a psychiatrist so I can understand the way people think and so I can figure out my mom and other mentally ill people,” shares Schubert, adding, “I thought growing up with her gave me a gift of being understanding…so I thought I’d be good at it.” Evan would like to remind us to give people chances and understand that you can’t change them. “They may hurt you in the process, but we are obligated to be there for those who we love when they decide to change,” says Schubert.