High School Through My Eyes


Baileigh Fidler, Reporter

Going into high school as a freshman can be a big thing. It is an even bigger deal if you were  considered ”popular” in your last school. You go into your new school thinking everything will be the same, maybe even better since there are more people. Once you actually begin to experience high school, you realize that no one will ever be popular the way you thought you were or even wanted to be. It is a whole new world entering high school, defenitely different from your old school experience. All these ”popular” 8th graders came into 9th grade thinking they would continue to be the most prettiest or most liked girl/guy of all. Nope, that’s not the case. High school has many faces, many personalities, and many different stories.  High school can be either a really fun experience or a dreadful horror.  There are so many different stories, gossip, and changes. Drama will start over something that happened years ago – this most likely is only with the girls who think they’re the popular ones. They tend to love carrying grudges.

Not only does high school teach you how to face reality and to not run away from your problems, but it also has good fun sides. You meet so many new, exciting people. Meeting new people was something I have enjoyed the most about my freshman year so far. Leaving middle school myself has made me realize who the fake people in your past were and meeting the new non-toxic people makes your experience for the better. High school isn’t always as bad as everyone says. There is a lot more freedom, a lot more chances to take, a lot more risks, and the fun goes on.

You can’t always hide and just slide your way past life, the best way to fit into high school is to be out there. If you actually get involved and try new things and make new friends, a lot can come your way. You’ll probably look back at your high school experience and have a story to tell. You will have fun looking back at your past. Don’t be the quiet person who stays away from everything, in the long run you will most likely end up regretting being that person. Even if being ”out there” means you have to go through some drama, just brush it off and make these four years count.