Growing Up in High School


Alorah Losano, Reporter

Being in high school can either be the best years of your life or the worst. Trying to be a normal teenager is hard when you have parents in the way. They always want you to stay home, but if you do go out, they need to know every single piece of information or else they won’t let you go. Not being old enough to move out, you still live under your parents roof, which means you have to listen to their rules and that can be annoying.

Having to do all your homework, but still trying to have a social life, is a very tricky balance. It’s hard because you want to grow up, but at the same time you want to stay young forever. No one wants to grow up and have to start paying bills or having to get a job. There is a perk. You get to see your best friends everyday.  Because once high school is over, it will get harder to find a time when you guys can hangout. Some friends might even scatter around the country, but in this moment you are all together for the limited time you have. You feel so comfortable with knowing so many people and being used to everyone knowing everyone. There are so many personalities and so much diversity, you can figure out what you like and who you like.  There are most likely many other people who share your interests. High school can be whatever you want it to be, it’s all up to you.