The Cougar’s Library is Better Than Ever


Samantha Valdez, Reporter

Mrs. Dillon, our school’s librarian, is very pleased to say that this year the library will have 60 new computers. Over the last few years, conference time in the library has had a long waiting list for the students to get to use a computer.

Last year, the library had 18 computers at the start of the school year, but three computers went missing, so they only had 15 computers for almost 1,900 students. Over the summer, Mrs. Dillon received 2 COWS, or, “computers on wheels”. Each cart came with 30 new laptops.

Now our library has 75 computers. The new computers come with the Windows 10 program, which will allow us students to use the app, Destiny Quest, to look at Sahuaro’s book catalog to find the book you might be looking for from any place, any time. Also, another free app you can download is the QR code reader, which scans a special picture and takes you to the Sahuaro library website.

Mrs. Dillon recommended some awesome books for freshmen to check out: The Cross Over, by Kwame, We were Liars by E. Lockhart, and Lost Girl Found by Bussoff. She also commented that most students are checking out the Harry Potter books to refresh their memory. She’s noticed that students like to check out realistic books because they are something they can relate to.

Library hours on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are from 7:30 to 3:30 on Tuesday, and Thursday is from 8:00 to 3:30.  Mrs. Dillon says that she was very pleased with the amount of freshmen she has seen visit the library, noting “They see a reason to come.”