JTED Leadership Class


Autumn Fatovich , News Editor

Although some came for the free pizza and a day out of class, we all walked away with a better sense of what it takes to be a leader in a CTE course. On Thursday September 1st there was a JTED class held for beginner officer training for Sports Medicine, Chef Me Up, Engineering/ Auto, Photography, and The Paper Cut. 

Curt Bertelsen, the director of Professional Development for Pima County JTED, led the class, teaching 8 major topics to be a better officer. Club officers learned about their exact officer duties and figured out if those roles fit the club that they represent. “It helped me become a leader,” said Ethan Copeland, the president of Engineering/Auto. They created a meaningful agenda so that everything will run smoothly and efficiently. “Everything from organizing an agenda to processing a meeting,” Brook,the president of Photography stated. But most importantly, they learned  to conduct a meeting with parliamentary procedure. “This program helped inform me on the systematic overview of meetings,” said Manny, president of Sports Medicine.

Ms. Lange, sponsor of The Paper Cut said, “It made me re-think the roles of my leadership team.  I realized that I needed to include the entire staff and give everyone a specific job so that everyone has an opportunity to take ownership of the newspaper.”  Overall the experience was informative and helped your fellow Cougars learn good leadership skills.