Gamer Apps At Sahuaro


Jordon Valenzuela, Reporter

Ever wonder what the group of kids playing games on their phone are freaking out about? Yeah, I would wonder too. The animated and gaming world is a whole universe full of diversion.

Pokemon Go

Yes, this might be old news to you, however, this app has to be added to the list as it remains in the top trending apps list. If you haven’t heard of this game, you are basically living under a rock because everyone, from kids to people with grand-kids, has been playing it or either heard of it. Groups of kids walking around catching Pokemon together before or after school, making plans to go for a poke-walk.  A poke-walk is when you and others all travel around to catch Pokemon together and if they want to, stop at poke stops or gyms to battle and collect pokeballs.

Clash of Clans

An old app but still is played by a great number of Sahuaro students. The great amount of students gave a statement that the game is more of a time killer to where they open clash to just collect their elixirs and coins, sometimes going in a clan war with his/her friends. A senior Matt said, “I just open the game, check the clan chat, collect, and literally that is all.”

Clash Royale

A newer game than Clash of Clans and made by the same company, you’ll see this game casually played through class, lunch, and before school. You are against another player online using soldiers, magic, and other creatures to destroy the enemies base. A friend Logan, a pretty good player from my opinion, said, “I actually love the game, completely outplaying your opponent using the mirrors and having base rushes against each other just pumps me up to play another, but losing those close games kill you.”

Color Switch

Not very many people are playing this game anymore but I’ll catch a few still from time to time. Playing as a colored circle tapping the screen to move up and having to pass an obstacle with multiple colors on each side but can only pass the same color you are. A hard game to get far in, causing people to get angry and taking long breaks from it even though they’re frustrated over it our colleagues keep coming back to it.

Flip Diving

The newest game on the list but very popular to where it’s on the top of the play store under the games category. The game is about flipping off a structure to do tricks and landing in the water perfect.  You’re able to do back flips, front flips, and gainers. Gathering a higher score based on the tricks you do, you’ll start unlocking more trick styles and different divers. The game could be tricky form the various platforms.  You jump from rocks to branches that you could even record your best dive and show off to all your friends.