Fresh Faces: Meet Freshman Jackson Green

Meet Freshman Jackson Green



Q: What Middle School did you go to?

A: Magee Middle School

Q:What are 3 unique/cool/interesting/fun facts about you?

A: I do archery, I love cars, I want to join the Military

Q: What is your favorite line (keep it PG!) from a movie or song (and who said it?)

A: “Tell Megatron, let’s tango” from Transformers Dark of the Moon

Q: If you could have anyone in the entire world (alive or dead) as a teacher here at Sahuaro, who would you choose and why?

A: I would want Einstein as my teacher.

Q: If you could change something about Sahuaro, what would you like to see changed? 

A: I’d like to see the school hours changed

Q: If you had to live inside of a T.V. show, which show would you live in and why?

A: I’d like to live inside Game of Thrones, because it’s interesting and there are dragons.

Q: What is your life motto or a quote that you live by (PG rated!)

A: “Like a boss!” from Jackcepticeye