New State, New School, and Then New School Again?


Jocelyn Reeder, Reporter

Have you ever had to move to a new state and go to a whole new school not knowing anybody? How about having to switch schools again right in the middle of school? That was me. I had to move down from Colorado back to my hometown, Arizona.

The move was a mess. We had a tight move to get to Arizona before school started. My family and I made it just in time to get registered for school. The first time it was at  Tanque Verde High School. I was making friends and doing well in my classes. It was one month later when I had to switch schools once again. I was stressed. I had just made friends, I was familiar with how Tanque Verde worked. Now it was time to switch once more to Sahuaro High School.

I had to go and register once again. I was nervous. It  was right in the middle of a quarter too, when grades had to be submitted. I was either behind in all my classes or was put right in the middle of tests.

The teachers were very understanding. They told me to do the best I can and would help in every step of the way. I was thankful.  Even though I had to make up the work, they’re helping me make sure I am on track.

I have only been here two days, but I can already feel that this will be a good year.