Be a Student Service Learner and Receive Elective Credit


Raina Peters, Reporter

By the time many students reach their junior and senior year, they want to become a teacher’s aid for an easy elective credit; however, there is nothing to really be learned or gained out of being an aid. Instead students should challenge themselves more by instead asking to become an Student Service Learner (SSL).

Rather than just doing the basic work of running errands and helping to grade quizzes, an SSL is able to assist the teacher if students need help. When the teacher is busy with a student, the SSL is allowed to step in and offer their help to any other student who may need help during that moment. The SSL is also there to help monitor and observe the class on who seems to be grasping the material or not.

Senior Evan Ellingsberg, who is an SSL for Ms. Yzbal’s geometry class states, “I think being a student service learner helps you progress in your own subject. For myself, I’m going to become a math major, so practicing my basic math skills helps me.  It also helps me progress in my studies in calculus too.” Students are able to benefit from this class because they are able to practice and relearn how to do what is being taught, along side it helps teach you how to communicate and teach others.

And for those students who want to raise there GPA, unlike an aid of only pass or fail, a SSL receives a letter grade for all their hard work.