Daniel Foster Heading to Success


Autumn Fatovch, News Editor

Some people find everyday life complicated and hard to get through. Many search for a way to escape or express themselves. Daniel Foster, a sophomore at Sahuaro, found his “outlet” to express himself by rapping.

He is quickly approaching high success. Foster has the fourth biggest following in the city for local rap artists. He has released an EP called Ground Zero Fantasy. It is published on Awful Idea which is the independent label that he started in 2015. Foster’s favorite recording is “Living Lost,” which also has a video on Youtube under his user called Woodro Music.

Be on the lookout for Fosters’ collaboration album with Adam Wakefield, runner-up on the national television series The Voice. He will be recording it in Nashville, Tennessee in November. The album will be available on vinyl, podcast, and all major streaming services. It will feature live instruments. Foster is also performing for a second time at The Scratch Shack on September 24th. When asked how it felt to perform for the first time he said, “I was really nervous and kept talking between sets and was acting like an idiot.” He is in high hopes that his upcoming performance will go smoothly.

He finds his inspiration in the people that he keeps in his immediate circle because it keeps his lyrics from becoming outdated. Foster had come to the realization when he was a young kid that he wanted to do something else with his life and not be average. Music was his way of pursuing his dream. “I have an amazing support group and I wouldn’t be anywhere without them,” said Foster. He has been on a roller coaster with his rapping, but is obviously at a high point and hopefully, he continues to grow as an artist.  
“I think saying hard work pays off is corny, but I’ve been working really hard and now I’m starting to see the fruits of my labor,” said Foster.

We as a Sahuaro family wish him luck on his career and eagerly anticipate what his future holds. Check out his music here: https://soundcloud.com/woodro-music