Fresh Faces: Caryela Durazo


Q:What Middle School did you go to?

A: Safford K-8, Magnet Middle School

Q: What are 3 unique/cool/interesting/fun facts about you?

A: I play softball, don’t like attention, and hate talking.

Q: If you could have anyone in the entire world (alive or dead) as a teacher here at Sahuaro, who would you choose and why?

A: Ms. Quezada because she motivates us kids, and makes learning fun.

Q: What do you think you will be known for or that you will contribute to Sahuaro by the time you graduate in 2020 (sports/academic/fine arts achievement, club involvement, volunteer work, etc.)

A: Sports

Q: If you could change something about Sahuaro, what would you like to see changed?

A: Students talking, learning, and being more serious.

Q:If we asked your friends or family to describe you in one word, what word would they choose? Name top three words

A: Shy, Quiet, and Hardworking

Q: If you had to live inside of a T.V. show, which show would you live in and why?

A: I would live in Gossip Girl because the drama in the show gets me more into it, and it’s interesting.