The Low-Down On Boys and Girls Golf


Sidney Moyers, Reporter

While golf may not be one of the most popular or most recognized sports in the world, the Boys and Girls Golf team here at Sahuaro is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

The Boys Golf team consists of Rory Bratton, Alec Kelly, Joe Hoagland, Hunter Terris, Logan Martin, and Dylan Baldwin and is coached by History teacher, Mark Chandler. When I asked him what he would tell someone who wanted to join the team but was unsure if they would do well, he said that they should “Come out and have fun.”

The Girls Golf team includes Halley Hughes, Serenity Guerrero, Katrina Esquivel, Nikki Hacker, Annika Romero, and Justice Small. The team is coached by Megan Hughes, who is also a freshman and sophomore English teacher and  has been coaching for four years. Much to my surprise, even though in 2013 and 2015 the team won State Champions, were Section Champions in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015, undefeated for four years and Mrs. Hughes won TUSD Coach of the Year twice…she DOESN’T play golf. I asked her what advice she would give to a team that isn’t doing so well and she said to, “try to make it fun,” and that that’s how her and her teams keep it from becoming too repetitive.

Both teams have also said that even with the inexperienced players this year, they’re playing well and having fun.

Girls Golf Schedule (3:00pm)

  • September 22 Home Tucson High/Waldengrove
  • September 28 Home Santa Rita
  • September 20 – Oct 1 Away Prescott
  • October 3 Home Palo Verde
  • October 6 Away Rincon/Buena
  • October 17 Home Buena (Senior Day – Honoring Katrina Esquivel)
  • October 24 Away Salpointe/CDO

Boys Golf Schedule (3:00pm)

  • September 22 Away Amphi
  • September 27 Home Cholla/Ironwood Ridge
  • September 29 Away Catalina/Sabino
  • October 6 Away Buena
  • October 18 Home Salpointe
  • October 20 Away Cienega/Salpointe
  • October 25 Away Palo Verde