Class of 2020 Needs to Step Up


Kayla Wiggins, Reporter

In middle school you didn’t take it so seriously because you didn’t really realize that after 8th grade  you will be going to high school. High school seemed like a huge deal, and now you’re in high school and you are taking it as a joke. You are talking back to teachers, being disruptive, trying to pick fights with people. It’s barely the second month of school and we already are off to a bad start. It’s not all of us, but it’s a big enough percentage to make a bad representation for all of us.

In middle school you acted out and you would get in trouble with the administration. They would be on your tail for every little thing, they wanted you to learn from your wrongs so you wouldn’t do it again. In high-school, we have plenty of administration, but we are supposed to already know how to act. Our parents or guardian already taught us a long time ago that we are supposed to respect adults and to plainly do what you’re supposed to do when you’re supposed to do it. The teachers have a job of teaching, not babysitting, and they do not have time to interrupt the learning of other students. In middle school, the teachers would maybe sit and wait for you to quiet down, but this is high school and you may not be shown the same patience.

I’m honestly trying to stay a role model even though I am not perfect. I am a very goofy person and I make almost everything a joke and try to make everyone laugh.  I don’t force it, it is just my personality because I like to see people happy. I want our freshman representation to change. We may be young, but we are in high school and we need to start maturing and growing up.

I have goals. I want to go to college, so I need to hear everything I need to know so that I may move on and be successful in life. Over the summer, I spoke with some high school friends and they told me that high school is no joke; it’s important to make sure that you are turning in your homework, attending class, making sure that you take notes, and asking as many questions that you need to make you understand and learn the information.

Be a leader, not a follower. Let’s step it up Class of 2020!