Security Guards


Alorah Losano, Reporter

Every day when we walk through the halls, we see the security guards and it is normal for us. They help keep us safe and protected, but we don’t really know much about them. The four security guards are James “Zeus” Madison, Roy Placencia, Kent Mauzy, and Russell Todorovich.

James Madison is an old probation officer and now works here on security. He never imagined himself in this job, but one of his friends told him about it and he decided it would be a good job to make fast cash. Madison talks about the worst kind of school fights – girl fights. Girl fights are the hardest to break up because they grab on to each other’s hair and the guards have to pry their hands off of their hair before breaking them up. Boy fights are easier to break up because once they separate, it’s over. Russell Todorovich feels that there are so many different view points and some days it can be a challenge to communicate, but in the end he is glad he is part of the staff.

They don’t have any specific routes around school; they just patrol the halls, stairwells, and campus. When they aren’t walking around they are in their offices in the upper 100 building. Getting to know the security guards, they are some of coolest and nicest guys. These men deserve more recognition for being a huge impact on us and forming us as young adults.  They think it is an easy job and a positive environment to make a difference in the students’ lives. Roy Placencia concludes, “It makes me feel good to know that I helped out a student and they appreciate it.”