Teens and Trucks


Samantha Crowson, Reporter

It’s something that happens every day – large truck accidents. 333,000 large truck accidents happen per year, and 70-75% of these crashes are the other driver’s fault, not the truck driver’s. Now why does this matter? These are the milestone years when most of us first get our drivers licenses.  Though most of us won’t be planning on driving on the highway any time soon, doesn’t mean there are lower chances of getting in a large truck accident. There have been 3921 fatalities due to large truck accidents so far this year and the numbers are continuing to rise.

Thankfully there is a program that tries to help stop these accidents, the ‘Teens and Trucks’ youth safe driving campaign. Founded to help tell student the do’s and don’ts about driving near large trucks, such as the No-Zones or blind spots. No-Zones are 4 areas around semi trucks, where it is unsafe to drive.

Each year Teens and Trucks goes to schools all across America each semester, teaming up with Walmart and DPS (Department of Public Safety), to show all of these safe tips to students ready to drive. This year they came on Monday, September 26th with a Walmart Semi Truck and DPS police officers, allowing students to climb into the truck and see where the No-Zones are located. “I learned a lot about how to avoid getting into a collision with a semi truck,” said Allison Coleman (sophomore).

Teens and Trucks has been around since 2008 (but only been going to schools since 2010), and has made quite an impact on drivers, but still the program has been receiving budget cuts making the program only available to come to 20 schools instead of its usual 40.  But due to the great attitude and cooperation of students here at Sahuaro, we will still be receiving the program.