Modern Family


Alorah Losano, Reporter

Many people are familiar with the show Modern Family, but some aren’t aware of the new actor they will have. They first came out boldly with having two male parents and now there will be the first transgender actor on Modern Family.

Jackson Millarker, born a female, was a very gender-neutral child until he requested to use male pronouns at home. Millarker’s parents have been very supportive of his decision, as well as his school, family, and friends. The actor, 8-year-old Jackson Millarker was the guest on Modern Family, which aired September 28, titled “A Stereotypical Day.” Millarker plays a character named Tom who starts to be friends with Lily, the daughter of Cam and Mitchell, a gay couple.

Lily’s parents overhear her call her friend a “weirdo” and think modern-family that they are raising an insensitive child, but then later come to realize that her friend Tom said that her parents were weirdos because of a mural on her wall of them, so she said it back. Most of the feedback after the episode was all positive, drawing attention to having transgender characters being played by transgender actors and actresses.