Kim Kardashian Gets Robbed


Francisco Acuna, Staple Article Editor

By now many of us have heard about the robbery that Kim Kardashian-West endured at the luxurious and very exclusive hotel No Address. Kardashian-West was in Paris for Paris Fashion week with her mother and sister. But how did the robbers make it in to a hotel that provides residency to strictly “A”-listers such as Beyonce and Jay-Z? The armed robbers were disguised as policemen, entered straight through the front entrance, and threatened the concierge. Many are saying the star made herself a target by posting photos of her expensive jewelry all over social media.

The two broke into Kardashian-West’s room when she was alone in the room. The reality star was tied up and held at gunpoint. Nearly 9 million dollars in jewelry was stolen. Kanye West immediately stopped in the middle of his performance once word reached him. Many people believe the scandal was planned. After all, Kim is a reality star and lives off of publicity.

Many from the public feel that it’s not really news that Kardashian was robbed. Many feel that the star set herself up by posting her jewelry on social media. Others feel that Mrs. Kardashian-West has the money to spare anyways. “I’m not happy that it happened, but I mean, it’s not a bad thing.  She has enough to spare….but they’re making this such a big deal when ten million dollars really isn’t that much to them,” says Abi Nash, junior.  “It was an inside job… she wasn’t in on it but the bodyguard was in on it,” hypothesized Isaiah McAuley, junior. Whether or not you feel this robbery was staged, Mrs.Kardashian-West is benefiting from it. Evan Ellingberg, senior, says, “She’s getting a ton of publicity just like the swimmer Ryan Lochte did.  She lives off of scandals.  It’s part of her image.”