Haunted Houses: Nightfall vs Slaughter House


Jocelyn Reeder, Reporter

Halloween is just around the corner, and you all know what that means. Haunted Houses are opening with scarier people, and even scarier attractions. This year, Slaughterhouse and Nightfall have added new ways to terrify their houses.


Nightfall has been known to be the only “Scariest” haunted house in town. Here you can go through the haunted house, see live shows, and listen to music. Most exciting of all, you get to see live hideous characters. They brought a whole new set of characters and more entertaining comedies. Nightfall has Gargoyles that hurl insults from up to 30 feet way. The haunted attractions are The Bunker, Iron Door Mine, Creepy Crawley Cave, and Doom Town. Don’t worry, Nightfall also has many amusements like hay rides and zombie shooters They also have a twisted circus train and a Last Dance of The Dead. This is a musical about a love story surrounding the curse of Doom Town, the newest haunt. The prices are $28 plus tax for adults (12 and older), $21 for children (9-11), and children 8 and under free.


If you are looking for a real scare, Slaughterhouse is where it is at. You go through four different haunts, and you can choose to go through the zombie apocalypse. The four attractions are Voodoo Bayou, City Meats, Boiler Room, and Cirque du Slay. In City Meats, the actors touch you, but you can choose to wear a jacket, informing the actors that you don’t want to be touched. When you first walk in, they have people dressed up with chain saws that chase you around. There is a total of three people that go around chasing people with chainsaws. There is one in City Meats, one that walks around outside the haunts, and the other that touches you with the chainsaw. The prices are $23 for children and adults.

In conclusion, both haunted houses have their own way of scaring people. Slaughterhouse is a little scarier than the other, but both are fun to go to. So this October go make the best of it, and attend Nightfall or Slaughterhouse.