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  • February 12Feb 21-24: Rodeo Break

  • February 12Wed, Feb 13th: Girls Basketball State game @ Sahuaro. Starts at 7:00 PM.

  • February 12Wed, Feb 13th: Parent/Teacher Conferences from 6-8 PM.

  • February 12Friday, Feb15th: Half Day. School is released @ 12:17. No Lunch or Supper Service

  • January 9SENIORS: Submit Yearbook Quotes to [email protected]

Avery Miller
Avery Miller is a sophomore and the Co-Editor of Cougart for The Paper Cut. Her drive to write creatively has landed her a spot on The Paper Cut team. She shows her school spirit by playing on the softball team, and catching some rays swimming on the swim team. In her free time she likes to read fiction novels and watch movies curled up with the tub of rocky road ice cream.

Avery Miller, Co-Editor of Cougart

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