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Kianna Montano
Kianna is a junior at Sahuaro High School and is excited to finally be a part of her school newspaper. She is also attending JTED for her cosmetology license; she will be staying at JTED cosmetology school for 2 years. She enjoys hanging out with her best friend; sometimes it is hard for them to see each other because they both go to different schools. She loves reading and writing; she started to get more into reading her 8th grade year. This summer Kianna went on vacation to Los Angeles, Half Moon Bay, San Jose, and San Francisco, California with her family. Her favorite part about her trip to California was crossing through the Golden Gate Bridge and eating really good food in Chinatown. Kianna said the drive back from San Francisco was really long, but she thought it was worth it, and she's also looking forward to going back again one day. She's really hoping for the best her junior year, she wants to pass all her classes and not have to worry about taking any classes again or going to summer school.

Kianna Montano, Beat Investagator-ELL/Foreign

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