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  • January 10Sign up for the GCU field trip in the counseling office by January 25th, only 35 spots are available

  • January 10Sign up for the 10 th Annual African American Youth Heritage Day by January 19th in the activities office

  • January 10Cheerleading is selling spirit pompoms at basketball games

  • January 10Track pre-season meets Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday after school in the aux gym

  • January 8No conference this week

Samarah Peters
Samarah Peters is a freshman and the Freshman Liason for The Paper Cut, born on May 20th, 2003. She loves to read, write, and play her trumpet in the school's marching band. Being pretty odd and crazy, she can be a little bit over-whelming to hang out with, but in the end she is really sweet and just trying to have fun. Samarah is a huge 'fangirl' and loves DC and Marvel. She's happy to talk with anyone at all, just don't be frightened from her sarcasm, or her total awkwardness.

Samarah Peters, Freshman Liaison

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