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Paula Le
Paula Le is a junior at Sahuaro High School and this is her first year with The Paper Cut. She likes to appreciate the little things in life, like a lizard outside her bedroom window or someone offering her cold water rather than disgusting lukewarm water. In her free time, she uses her leftover energy on "simping" over her dog or annoying her siblings. Paula loves listening to indie, k-pop, and relaxing music. She spends her time watching supernatural videos and listening to true crime podcasts even though she's convinced there is a ghost in her house. When you first get to know about Paula, you learn that she expresses a lot of her emotions through her facial expressions (credits go to the four years of being in theater).  She is able to speak English and Vietnamese well with her family members. If you were to ask her what show you should watch, she would recommend Death Parade, The Promised NeverLand, and Lucifer!

Paula Le, Reporter

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Paula Le