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Rowan Oxley
Rowan Oxley is a Freshman. Rowan sings and raps quite often, and needs a new music goal, as they have mastered Rap God, by Eminem. They wrote a short story during the break and might publish it if requested. Rowan enjoys music and art. They want to be a singer, author, or makeup artist the most. They truly are passionate about everything they enjoy. They like animals, music, witches, and learning about witchcraft. They are a good friend, fun to be around, and are good at helping people come to terms with their emotions. At fourteen they came out as genderfluid. They know that they can do more for the world. They are a feminist and an avid Black Lives Matter supporter. They have fun listening to music and singing, as well as writing and reading. They also have fun soldering while listening to music in their free time.

Rowan Oxley, Reporter

Nov 20, 2020
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Aug 22, 2020
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Rowan Oxley