Best Of Boys: 2023

May 18, 2023


Biggest Heart: Carlos Montano

 What is the kindest thing you have done for someone?

I have been giving people rides home and to school then helping them with school work.

 What makes you want to be kind?

 I was raised to help others and that is it is good luck to help others.

Who is the kindest person in your life besides you?

The kindest person I know in my life is my mom.

Best Musician: Abraham Alvarez

 What instrument(s) do you play and how long have you played them?

 I played the violin for 8 years.

 Describe your goals with your music.

 To keep playing as a hobby.

Which artists inspire you the most and why?

Linkin Park and Lindsey Stirling.

Most School Spirit: Jonathan Tackett

 What do you love about Sahuaro High School? 

I love the environment and the people and the whole school in general. I love the community and I also love when people participate.

 What was your favorite spirit day and why? 

My favorite spirit day outfit would have to be my “Neon Out Day” outfit because of the atmosphere it created at the assembly and the cool vibrant colors.

What is the craziest outfit you have put together to show school spirit? 

The craziest outfit I have put together would have to be dress as your type day.

Best Glow Up: Brook Tekle

 What about you has changed the most since freshman year? 

My hair has been through a lot since freshman year.

 What advice would you give to freshman “you”? 

I would tell him to stop being annoying.

 What did you do to have a glow up? 

I let puberty do its thing.

Best Athlete: Neo Watson

 What sports do you play? 


 What is your favorite sport to watch?


 Who is your athletic role model and why?

 Zeke from Cowboy Nation, my favorite running back.

  Best Dancer: Micah Burt

 Why do you like dancing? 

I like to dance because I grew up dancing at all the family functions, and my sister would always teach me the ”newest” dance moves.

 If you could be on “Dancing with the Stars”, who would you want as your partner and why?

 My sister because she is my mentor when it comes to dancing and she has taught me basically every move I know.

 What song do you HAVE to dance to whenever you hear it?

 ANY song!!

Best Makeup Artist: Dale Hall

 What makeup artist do you look to for inspiration?

 Social media.

 Why do you enjoy doing makeup?

 It’s like art to me, it’s very therapeutic.

 Which products/brands are your favorite?

 Fenty Beauty.


Most Likely to Become POTUS: Matthew Schafer

 Describe the main issue(s) your campaign would focus on:

 Eradicating mosquitos, legal driving age goes to 12, and no speed limits on highways.

 What would be your presidential slogan?

 If it ain’t me ya’ll ain’t free.

 If you had to choose a classmate to run with, who would you choose for VP? 

Spencer Kyte.


Best Artist: Zeke Morales

What mediums do you work with?

 I mostly work in color pencils and chalk pastels.

When did you realize you have an affinity for art?

 I would say I realized I had an affinity for art at the beginning of senior year. I used art as a way to deal with a negative moment in my life. From there I just fell in love with creating.

 How would you describe your favorite art styles? 

My favorite art styles are a combination of realistic drawings with some elements of cartoonish/trippy drawings.


Best Hair: Jacob Solis

 Where do you get your hair cut? 

Chop Shop.

 How long does it take you to do your hair? 

5 minutes.

What products do you use for your hair?

Conditioner and Aussie Miracle Moist Hydration Oil.

 If you were to go completely bald, what would you do?

Rock it.

Worst Case of Senioritis: Kane Stuck

 Describe your dream ditch day – what would you do?

 The dream ditch day is definitely fishing, there’s no place I’d rather be. It’s completely peaceful and there’s no people.

 How has senioritis affected you academically and with your parents?

 There were no academic problems or parent problems, I did what I had to, and I still got good grades.

 Advice to next year’s seniors struggling with senioritis:

 “Just do what you have to and push forward.”


Prettiest Eyes: Bradley Donner

Who did you inherit your eye color from?

 My mom.

 What could you see that would make you want to gouge your own eyes out?

 Watching people who can’t dance but still try to.

 What do you like best about your eyes? 

The thing I like best about my eyes is how shiny they are and how they look in the sun.

Best Tattoo: Daniel Cruz

 Describe your best tattoo:

 My best tattoo is my last name.

 What was the inspiration for your tattoo?

 My tata that passed had it, then my grandfather got it. So I got it, and it was just something to remember him by.

 Where did you go to get it and would you recommend them?

 Landmark Studio. Yes, I would.


Couple Most Likely to Live Happily Ever After: Kamryn Hager and Seth Akira

 How long have you two been together?

 A little over 4 years.

 How did you guys get together? 

Met through mutual friends and started hanging out a lot and as we became best friends we grew feelings for each other and then we got together Valentine’s Day in 2019.

 What would your dream wedding be like?

 We elope and then have an amazing honeymoon somewhere peaceful and romantic.

Most Likely to go Viral on Tiktok: Antonio Arellano

 How many views does your most viral Tiktok have?


 Describe your favorite Tiktok video that you’ve made?

 Made a video about my truck.

 Who is your favorite TikToker and why?

 Boosted Lucky, he has a fast a** Hellcat.

Most Likely to Come Back and Teach at Sahuaro: Dominic Solano

 If you were to become a teacher, what grade + subject would you teach? 

Theater because I enjoy the subject.

 Who is your favorite Sahuaro Teacher and why?

 Mr. Smith (English), because he makes classes fun and makes you enjoy and care about the subject he teaches. He also is just someone that is nice to talk to.

 Would you want to be a teacher and more importantly, WHY?

 No, I would never be a teacher and I don’t know why I won.

Best Dressed: Avahn Gray

 What are your favorite stores to shop at?

 My favorite stores to shop at are One Five One in Scottsdale Fashion Square and Neiman Marcus.

  How long does it take you to get ready? Describe your process.

 It takes around an hour depending on where I’m going. I usually start at the shoes and go up.

 What celebrity do you look to for fashion inspiration?

 The celebrity I get my inspiration from is a guy named Wisdom.

 What styles do you love/hate?

 I love streetwear and Y2K. I hate Archive and Opium.

Next Gordan Ramsey: Joey Romero

 What’s your favorite meal to cook? 

Beef Wellington.

 What’s the most difficult thing you’ve cooked/baked? 

Sharkfin Soup.

What do you hope to do with your mad cooking skills? 

  Be the best chef.

Makes People Laugh the Most: Franco Ariola

Best clean joke on the spot: 

Don’t have one.

Who is your favorite comedian and why? 

Kevin Hart. It’s a basic answer but he is the most funny.

 Tell us the funniest thing that’s happened to you:

Winning this.

Best Best Friend Duo: Dylan Carter and Titus Palmer

 How long have you guys been best friends and how did you meet?

 2 years. We met during AP language.

 What is one of your favorite memories with each other? 

Helping each other with our love lives.

 If you were stuck on a deserted island, who would go crazy first and what would they do?

Ty would go crazy first… he would probably start eating poisonous berries or something.

Most Involved: Myles Mcallister

 What is everything that you are involved in at Sahuaro?

 Soccer and Sports Med.

 What is your favorite extracurricular activity and why? 

 Sports Medicine because it helps me meet people I never knew and help people with injuries.

 Why did you choose to be so involved in Cougar life?

 I just did Sports Med.

Best Smile: Angel Hightower

 How do you keep your teeth shiny and white?

Brush my teeth

 What makes you smile the most? 


 What would you do if you lost your two front teeth?

Buy new ones

Best Ride: Dylan Thomas

 What do you drive?

2006 G35 Coupe

How did you get this ride?

I saved up and bought it off of Facebook Market Place

If you could make any modifications to the car what would they be?

Bucket seats and a carbon fiber hood

 What would your after-graduation dream road trip look like?

To Houston Texas for their drift course

Best Singer: Anthony Flores

 What is your go-to song to sing in the shower?

Probably a musical song, most likely When You’re Good to Mama from Chicago.

 If you were on The Voice, what song would you sing and who would you want as your mentor? 

I would sing What Good is Love by Janelle Monae. I would also want Kelly Clarkson to be my mentor.

 Who or what inspired you to start singing?

Cringy but Megan Trainer, since I listened to her when she was in her prime, and still is at her prime.


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