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2019-2020 Staff

Amanda Mourelatos


Amanda Mourelatos is a junior at Sahuaro High School and in her third year reporting for The Paper Cut as the Editor in Chief. She is a soccer zealot who has been playing for over 10 years, a soccer referee, and a soccer coach....

Emma Walrath


Emma Walrath is a senior at Sahuaro High School and in her second year of The Paper Cut. She is a movie-buff, music lover, and coffee enthusiast. She loves sushi, Rex Orange County, and the movie The Princess Bride.  She also can...

Jordan Myers

Associate Editor-in-Chief

Jordan Myers is The Associate Editor-in-Chief and a sophomore at Sahuaro High School and has been a part of The Paper Cut for two years. In his time away from school, he enjoys scrolling through Instagram, wasting valuable time, eating, annoy...

Nathalia Valdez

Associate Editor-in-Chief

Nathalia is a junior at Sahuaro High School. This is her 2nd year in The Paper Cut. She loves her dog and has a great sense of humor. She loves to drink water, but she also gulps tea, be careful it's hot. Last year she went to...

Andy Mourelatos

A&E Editor

Andy Mourelatos is a sophomore at Sahuaro High School. Born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, he enjoys listening to music, watching movies, and is a personal critic of many forms of entertainment. He plays snare drum in Sahuaro's...

Calvin Mueller

Headline News Editor

Calvin Mueller is a senior at Sahuaro.  He loves architecture, geography, and vexillology. As you may know, he is from Northern Virginia. He is also interested in Motorsport, particularly Formula 1. Additionally he is somewhat...

Amber Landon

Cougar Tales Editor

Amber Landon is a sophomore at Sahuaro High School and is in her first year in The Paper Cut. She enjoys spending way too much time with her friends, fun car rides, and great music. She is quite obsessed with Disneyland, and grew...

Winta Tekle

Sahuaro News Editor

Winta Tekle is a senior at Sahuaro High School, this being her first year writing for The Paper Cut. Next year, she hopes to major in Journalism and minor in Political Science. She is currently in the process of starting up a...

Dacey Cervantes

Senior Spotlight Editor

Dacey Cervantes is a Senior. Her friends describe her as the crazy yet quiet one of the group. She loves listening to music, doing makeup, drawing, and spending time with her friends. Outside of school she works with retired race...

Gianni Martinez

Sports Editor

Gianni Martinez is a junior in high school, and this is her first year being a reporter for The Paper Cut. On her free time, Gianni loves scrolling through Instagram, catching up on her favorite shows like Stranger Things or On My...

Jordan Ford

Opinion Editor

Jordan Ford is a senior at Sahauro High School. She likes to read,write, and make jewelry and clothes. She also really enjoys listening to music - she's into artists such as Clairo, The Weeknd, XXXTENTACION, Rico Nasty, Kid Cudi,...

Alais Alzaga

Media Arts Editor

Alais Alzaga is a sophomore at Sahuaro High School where she is a swimmer for the Cougar swim team and soccer player. When she is not at school, she enjoys listening to her collection of records and cassettes. One of the ways...

Alex Herman

Sports Recorder

Alexandra "Alex" is a sophomore at Sahuaro High School and this is her first year as a reporter for The Paper Cut. She went to Sahuaro last year for freshman year and adapted pretty quickly to the environment. She likes to play...

Mariana Flores

Beat Investigator

Mariana Flores is a senior in high school, in her first year as a reporter. She does not have any eye sight, but she uses her other 4 senses to see things. When she is at school, or in any other public place such as a store,...

Nevaeh Castro

Beat Investigator

Nevaeh "vaeh" Castro is a sophomore in high school, as well as a first year contributor to The Paper Cut of year 2019-2020.  When it comes to being socially active, fun to be around, and easy to talk to, vaeh is all about it....

Alorah Leinenbach

Beat Investigator

Alorah Leinenbach is a freshman at Sahuaro High School. This is her first year with The Paper Cut. She has 3 younger siblings and loves to watch and take care of them. Alorah loves to play with her 3 dogs during her free time....

Odyssey Larsen

Beat Investigator

Odyssey Larsen is a junior at Sahuaro High School. This is her first year working for The Paper Cut and she couldn't be more excited. As an aspiring journalist this has been on her bucket list for as long as she can remember....

Brendon Davis

Beat Investigator

Brendon Davis is a junior at SHS and is a first-year reporter on The Paper Cut. He's been playing in orchestra for almost 7 years and counting.  He is able to play the viola, violin, and the cello. He also really enjoys to write...

Alexis Bitnar


Alexis Bitnar is a freshman at Sahuaro and enjoys swimming, which she has been doing since she was 8-years-old, and sleeping. After school she likes to walk her dogs and be lazy.  Alexis' friends would describe her as exciting,...

Gabriella Jamerson


Gabriella "Gabby" Jamerson is a senior at Sahuaro High School. She loves fashion, makeup, and shopping. Gabby has a soft spot for animals- she has dogs, cats and rabbits. You can find her visiting friends in California as well...

Judeia Holladay

Judeia Holladay is a junior at Sahuaro High with a passion for clothing and pop culture. Having had no previous writing experience on a publication, Holladay hopes to develop his writing style and establish a portfolio to pursue...

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