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Tatum Crawford

Tatum Crawford, Editor

Tatum Crawford is a junior at Sahuaro High School. She joined The Paper Cut to grow her social and writing skills. When she graduates, she wants to move to Seattle with her older sister. Her dream college is the University of Washington, and she wants to go into the medical field. She likes to listen to music and read in her free time. She loves playing with her two cats and bonding with them. She enjoys traveling and sightseeing. Her favorite places she's been to are Milan and Florence; she loved the food and the art. She loves art museums, her favorite ones being the Louvre and the Uffizi Gallery.  She loves anything blue, as it's her favorite color. She has multiple pieces of blue jewelry she wears every day. She also likes playing games, her favorites being Animal Crossing and Legend Of Zelda. She loves taking pictures; she has over 30,000 photos on her phone, most of them being travel and cat photos. Her favorite place to visit is Seattle, Washington. There, she loves to visit her sister and go to the local aquarium. She also loves going to Japan Town in Seattle for the food and shopping. She also loves making keychains and phone charms as gifts for her friends and family.

Family is also super important to her. She loves visiting her family in Mississippi, and she enjoys spending time with them. She does many vacations with her mom, and they are super close because it was only the two of them for twelve years; that was the only family that was closest to her. She has family scattered all around the world, including eighteen siblings. She only knows about four of them but would be interested in meeting the rest. Out of all of them, she is the youngest, as all of them are in their late twenties.

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The Fall of Ruby Franke

The Fall of Ruby Franke

Tatum Crawford, Reporter
November 14, 2023
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Tatum Crawford