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The Paper Cut Policies

The Paper Cut is Sahuaro High School’s official online student-written and produced publication; 545 N. Camino Seco, Tucson, AZ  85710; 520-731-7100. The staff recognizes the need to inform and lend a voice from the students to other students, families, faculty, and our community. The Paper Cut will not withhold from writing controversial topics; the newspaper exercises the freedom of speech and the press from the First Amendment. Opinions published in The Paper Cut do not necessarily reflect the views of the entire staff, adviser, administration, or entire student body. Letters should be mailed to the school or emailed to the adviser or a staff member. The Paper Cut reserves the right to edit any letters for clarity and length.

Student Reporter and Writer’s Rights

  • The Paper Cut editors will edit any student piece for clarity, proper conventions, and length.
  • Students are free to write any piece they choose without being negatively judged or criticized (because of the subject or style).

Limitations of Publication – we will be respectful

  • The Paper Cut will not be biased, discriminate and/or slander any individual or group of people because of their race, background, gender, affluence, or tenets.
  • The Paper Cut will not use the newspaper to display favoritism or bias against student(s) and faculty.
  • The Paper Cut will refrain from publishing anything that may be considered inappropriate, offensive, or obscene.


  • The Paper Cut staff is responsible for verifying facts and quotes from their sources.
  • The Paper Cut will try to consider both sides of a story before writing and publishing.
  • The Paper Cut will not report false information about a person or event.
  • The Paper Cut will not write rumors or any vague news without facts.

Published Student Works

  • ALL letters to the editors and other works sent in must be signed with contributor’s real name and contact information. Anonymous works will not be printed unless the senior adviser (Ms. Lange) knows who the author is.
  • The Paper Cut does not accept plagiarism. All student works must be original.
  • Sources used will always be credited (with permission and by legal means).
  • A writer’s opinion does not represent the newspaper staff and/or school as a whole.

Takedown Post Policy

  • The Paper Cut will take down any post that violates copyright laws as quickly as possible.
  • In the event of a take-down request, The Paper Cut staff will evaluate the request on a separate and specific basis. If the person requesting the takedown only wants the takedown because the post represents them in a bad light, The Paper Cut staff does not have to fulfill the request, but may if they so choose.
  • The Paper Cut will take down any post that violates the Paper Cut Policies.

Send potential news story ideas, writing pieces and letters to the editors, or questions to: [email protected]

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The Paper Cut Policies