Credit Recovery, or How to be a Successful Failure

Credit Recovery, or How to be a Successful Failure

Alex Stone, Entertainment Editor

I’m Alex, and I’m a professional failure. But that’s never stopped me from passing all my classes, even if it takes a second try. So how does someone who’s failed eight full classes still manage to be on track to graduate? Online classes. We all know about them, and we all know someone who’s taken them, but what are they really like? Is it truly the best way to recover credits, or the worst?

At this point in my high school career, I’ve taken six different one semester courses. Algebra 1A, English 10A , English 11B, Biology B, and World History A and B. And to be blunt, they suck. Online courses are obviously not the worst way to learn; the calm, self paced environment can be immensely beneficial, but with that being said, these same benefits can come back to bite you. Self-paced can also mean ‘I completely forgot about this class and now I have a week to finish 40 lessons’. You can finish at any time, but courses last just shy of three months.

Although the lessons are well put together, and the website is very user friendly, it’s not exactly fun.

You will always know exactly where you are, and where you need to be in an online course

The basic formula for a lesson is instruction, assignment, and quiz. The instruction can be anywhere from three to sixteen steps, and the videos themselves can last anywhere from 30 seconds to nine minutes each.
Some courses offer pre-tests to pass out of lessons, which is a blessing that should be taken seriously. Assignments are usually simple, but are occasionally a bit time consuming, especially in English courses. Quizzes are only ten questions, and aren’t bad at all. Your t
eacher will stay in contact with you by email, and are always very helpful and prompt with their work.

Creating this shortcut makes your classes accessible anywhere, and is the best reminder you could get.

So as an experienced failure, I have four essential tips for you.

1. Passing normal classes is ten times easier than passing online! So do your best to just suck it up in real life.

2. Avoid English and Math like they are the plague! English classes require on average four or five essays per semester course, and math is just awful to try and learn by yourself.

3. If you get stuck, Quizlet and Brainly will save your life.

4. Use your phone! Create a shortcut to the website on your phone and play lessons while doing other tasks.