French Exchange Students at Sahuaro


Francisco Acuna, Reporter

On April 3rd a group of French exchange students landed in Tucson International Airport to experience what, for most of us, is everyday Tucson life. The students received an authentic experience, having Sahuaro families as hosts.

Sahuaro students excitedly volunteered to host the French students in their home for two weeks. “My family in the past has hosted exchange students before, so I was super ready when Madame Kelly told us we could host the French students,” said Kitana Hagler, a freshman at Sahuaro. Hagler continued, “It’s been such a great experience. Lots of learning about each other’s languages and cultures and languages. We’ve taught each other a lot of slang.”

Though two weeks can be a very short amount of time, a lot was done. Many host families toured their French students around the city to places to places like Sabino Canyon, Colossal Cave, San Xavier Mission, Downtown, and Rooster Ranch. “A very memorable experience for me with the French student was getting to see her have so much fun petting the animals at the ostrich farm,” said Mrs. Hughes, a host mother.

One of the most remarkable things to the French students when they first arrived were the eating habits of the typical American family.  “In France we only eat at certain times and there isn’t snacking, as there is here,” said Suzanne Mestdagh. This and size were things the French students made many remarks over.

On April 16th the students had to say their goodbyes and part for France. “Hopefully it’s more of an until next time, than a goodbye,” said Jasmine Varelas, a Junior at Sahuaro. “I want to go and visit him (my exchange student) some day, and maybe he can return to Tucson eventually,” said Varelas with a smile on her face.