GR8 Fun Facts About Mr. Barany


I don’t look happy because I’m not eating a taco!

Mekayla Phan, Features Editor

  1. I’m from Phoenix but I have lived the last 16 years in Tacoma, WA.
  2. I have rock climbed for over 20 years.
  3. Can’t stand when people say, “It’s just my opinion”  – as if it makes it right.
  4. I wood carve.
  5. I have an awesome dog named Jodi.
  6. I love tacos.
  7. If I could be any food, I would be a taco, cuz I’d be spicy and delicious 😉
  8. If I weren’t a teacher, I would be a CEO of a major corporation. I would run it into the ground, make off with its multimillion dollar package, and then be a beach bum.