Goodbye Mr. Riley


Yusuf Rahman, News Editor

Mr. Riley has been a math teacher for nearly 28 years, with half of them being at Sahuaro. It’s safe to say that the geometry teacher has had a great time here. In fact, Riley even graduated from Sahuaro, and he definitely thinks that his senior year was one of his favorite parts of being at Sahuaro. As a teacher, he has also had some pretty memorable experiences as well. He always enjoys having hardworking students each year, but one particular student stands out in his mind, not because he was studious though. “He was a problem child in high school,” says Mr. Riley. “After he graduated, he joined the military. One day, while I was teaching, he came in, in his uniform, and just apologized for everything he did.”

After he leaves, Mr. Riley will miss interacting with his students and colleagues. “Not a lot of people get to have as much interaction as I do, especially after retiring.” That’s not to say he won’t enjoy retirement though. He wants to start pursuing his hobbies and interests, like archery, hunting, and hiking, since he describes himself as an “outdoor person.” He will also enjoy the free time he will have, and overall, looks forward to the future.

His students will also miss him being around. Sophomore Jocelyn Reed says, “Mr. Riley is a really cool teacher. He really helps his students to understand what they’re learning and is always there to help us.” She continues to say how she “will really miss him being at Sahuaro.”