Sahuaro Swim Team Testing New Waters


Avery Miller, Reporter

After years of the Sahuaro Swim Team being almost extinct, the numbers have been out of the water. On the roster for the 2017-2018 swim team is a whopping 75 kids. Last year they had around 50 swimmers, filling a bus, and being a handful for two coaches. So it was a surprise this year when even more kids joined the growing team. Not only did the team welcome a handful of Freshman, they also accumulated Sophomores and Juniors.

Why has swim team all of a sudden become an interest in teenagers’ minds? “Since it is hot in Tucson I think kids like the idea of hopping in the pool and cooling off. It’s refreshing!” stated Kyle Jackson, Freshman.

The team has also been seeing familiar faces from other sports. Star soccer players and softball players have been sliding in the pool as well. Coaches have been advising them to participate in swim as cross training. Swim is easy on the muscles and a non-contact sport, so it has minimal chance for injuries. Plus it prepares stars for the season ahead and keeps them in top shape. Others have been turning to swim because it is a sport that doesn’t cut athletes, so students don’t have to worry about being the best, they can stay active in the school community and have fun.

How are the coaches dealing with the fluctuation in numbers? Coach Jenny and Dave Kruszewski are responsible for new kids that haven’t swam before.  How do they feel about the growing team? “It’s a good problem to have,” states Coach Dave. ” I would rather have too many swimmers than not enough.” It’s all hands on deck… literally. Assistant principal Mr. Lundstrom, who has experience coaching swimming, showed up at practice to help coach drills for breaststroke.

The returning swimmers are excited to have new people to meet and swim with. That’s what’s fun about sports, meeting new people and trying new things.