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Ben Davis and Dr. Charles Collingwood, both members of the Noyce Borderland Master Teacher Fellows

Sahuaro’s Fellows

Gabriel Davidson, Reporter October 19, 2021

A fellowship on campus? Freemasonry? The occult? A college fraternity? No, definitely much more well-meaning. A 7- year vocation, the Noyce Borderland Master Teacher Fellows, a mouthful of a name, offers...

Mr. Longs Eccentric Art Atelier

Mr. Long’s Eccentric Art Atelier

The magic that happens in Room 302.
Mei Dotzler, Editor October 19, 2021

Mr. Long, known for his premier art and 10-inch long beard, acquired his love for the creative outlet early on, possessing a natural prowess that began with a mere pencil. Filling up over a dozen...

Life-Saving Lessons From Watching Horror Movies

Life-Saving Lessons From Watching Horror Movies

Nicholas Cordova , Contributor October 16, 2021

The first thing that I learned from horror movies is to never drink alcohol or do drugs. If you do drugs or drink alcohol in a horror movie then, more likely than not, you will be attacked and/or killed...

Help Support PACC Today!

Help Support PACC Today!

Lia Ghirardi, Editor October 6, 2021

PACC needs your help! Have any used towels just laying around your house? Donate them to animals in need. The Avid department here at Sahuaro has organized a towel drive to donate to PACC. You might be...

Guten Tag All the Way From Germany - Aurelia von Bargen

“Guten Tag” All the Way From Germany – Aurelia von Bargen

Paula Le, Editor October 4, 2021

Sahuaro High School has the opportunity this year to welcome exchange students from around the globe, Aurelia being one of them. All the way from Germany, she has traveled over 5,600 miles to good ol'...

Steve Smith and His 500 Million-Year-Old Fossils

Steve Smith and His 500 Million-Year-Old Fossils

Mei Dotzler, Editor October 1, 2021

"If I'm not back in 10 minutes, my wife knows I found something," Steve Smith laughs as he shares some candid stories from his private fossil-retrieving expeditions. As a graduate of the Sahuaro 72' class,...

Ms. Biddles first day here at Sahuaro

Sahuaro’s Newest Christmas Fanatic – Kristen Biddle

Sierra Ayers, Reporter October 1, 2021

After teaching for 11 years at Sunnyside along with 3 years of AVID, one Kristen Biddle has migrated to the English department here at Sahuaro. Kristen Biddle, born in Texas and raised as the child...

Sahuaros Very Own Jasmine of All Trades

Sahuaro’s Very Own Jasmine of All Trades

Presenting...Jasmine Shryock!
Kasia Jackson, Reporter September 23, 2021

1st Degree Black Belt...check. Magician...check Competitive Dancer...check Sophomore, Jasmine Shryock literally is juggling schoolwork with several extracurricular activities...well, maybe not...

Piano Class - the Key to Public School Music

Piano Class – the Key to Public School Music

Aspen Lenox, Reporter September 22, 2021

A classroom full of people sitting at the piano, their fingers bent across black and white keys, playing beautiful melodies throughout the classroom. Sahuaro's Piano class is run by the beloved Ms. Barnes,...

Senior Sunrise With 22

Senior Sunrise With ’22

Paula Le, Editor September 20, 2021

​Here at Sahuaro, Senior Sunrise is a tradition that takes place on the football field at the beginning of the school year---dedicated for the senior class only. On September 18th, the event took place...

All Eyes On Paula Le

All Eyes On Paula Le

Krystal Orehek, Reporter September 17, 2021

You might know her for her edgy outfits, her rowdy sense of humor, her kindness, or her insane ability to do math. Or you might know her for all these things like I do, so who's the lady of the hour? The...

Mr. Christian instructing the students on how to move forward this year (Sierra Ayers)

Sahuaro’s Own Robotics Club

Sierra Ayers, Reporter September 15, 2021

Bored after school with nothing to do? No interest in sports or any other extracurriculars? Join a club! Although COVID-19 has introduced some hard-to-handle change, there are no shortage of clubs here...

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