Ditch Day Not Ditch Days


Sofia Brouse, Media Editor

Senior ditch day is one of the oldest traditions in the book. Seniors come together as a class to pick one day out of the year to all ditch school together. Originally, senior ditch day was confined to one day in spring. More recently, seniors have come down with a disease called senioritis, a serious case of laziness and inability to function. As an outcome of senioritis, seniors tend to host multiple ditch days. Parties are held on the days, but only select people are invited. It is not fair that only certain seniors are allowed to take part in the Ditch Day parties depending on their social status at school. It should be an open invite to participate in the activities, considering we are all graduating in the same class. We currently have had a controversy on the dates of the ditch days and how many days we should have. Some people are also fed up from being excluded on the details. Sidney Moyers says, “I think it is nice for seniors to get a break, but it is hard when we can not communicate with everyone.”

Some Sahuaro seniors have created various group chats via social media, but not all seniors are included in every one. There are obviously different social groups within the senior class, but coming all together without excluding anyone would be fair. Not only is there exclusion of people taking place, but it is becoming difficult for the seniors to agree on a day. Some seniors think it would work out well to have a ditch day on 9/11, but many consider it disrespectful. There are plenty of other days besides 9/11 that a ditch day could work out. Senior, David Wilging said,”9/11 is a day for remembering, not partying. ” Many seniors are hoping that changes will be made and we can come together as one senior class.