Join Color Guard


Sidney Moyers, Associate Editor-in-Chief

Everyone in high school looks for a place to belong, whether it be in art, cheer, sports or even math club. It can be rather difficult, so if you’re still looking for that one place where you can be yourself, consider joining color guard. As of right now, they only have four members so they could always use more people.

Color guard is a fun, unique place where you can express yourself through dancing with props like flags and rifles. Not to mention, it looks great on college applications and résumés. And if you’re a boy, fear not, you guys can join too!

Color guard meets every day during zero period, which starts at 7:00am, as well as after school on Thursdays. For marching season, which is the first semester, they are involved with football and marching band. For the indoor season, they do various shows of their own. And if you’ve ever seen them perform, you know how amazing it is to see them strut their stuff on the field.

Hayley Knapik is a member of the color guard as well as captain of the team. She encourages people to join and says that you shouldn’t be afraid to try it. Another member, Bethany Seal says that “all you need is passion” to join.

So if you’re interested in joining or want to find out more information, make sure to stop by Ms. Engel’s room in the Fine Arts building before December 1st.